What does it take to train a riding school pony/horse?

Have you ever wondered what makes a happy and hard-working Horseshoes horse or pony? They have to be confident in a ride, and willing to work while being responsive to the aids the rider gives them. This is what we are working on with Fred and our new horse Rossco, who joined the herd on Tuesday. Both need to get used to working with other horses in the school, and will be doing more work in order to improve their fitness so they can join the riding school full time. Fred has just started doing more pole work to help improve his rhythm, and as his fast feet flow over the poles he is making steady progress.

While the horses have to learn to work comfortably in the school, as riders we are also responsible for making sure we are able to ride effectively and to the best of our ability. Pilates and yoga are both excellent ways to improve your flexibility and strength, and go well with your riding lessons. All of us have to put in this extra time to get good results from our riding.

Just last week, Sophie went to Sparrow Oast Livery for a lesson on Tallulah with Hannah Biggs, who in 2016 placed 2nd behind Charlotte Dujardin riding dressage at Grand Prix. With the help of careful colour coordination all their hard work paid off as they managed to ride a variety of shapes with improved straightness and a better connection.

So the next time you’re having a lesson, think about how your horse or pony has been prepared for your lesson, and what you can do to make it a better ride for yourself, and for them.

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